Beretta Drill Rigs

Corporaal Enterprises are proud agents of Beretta Drill rigs, a leading company in the global market for small to medium sized drill rigs. Beretta is built upon a foundation of experience, innovation, passion and professionalism and currently has thousands of drill rigs operating on sites around the world.

Like Corporaal Enterprises, Beretta is a family owned business with strong growth ambitions to provide the best drilling product on the market. The Beretta brand is known for its high performance and reliability and has shown various applications in the areas of diagnotstics, geothermal investigations, geotechnics and anchoring.

Every day, the team at Beretta start with the same passion and enthusiasm as the day before but with the added benefit of more experience and know-how than the day before. The Beretta team harness this commitment to continually improving their product so that they can create innovative concepts on an ongoing basis, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction at all times.

Beretta products include:

  • Class 1 (50 – 400 KG)
  • Class 2 (800 – 2700 KG)
  • Class 3 (800 – 2700 KG)
  • Class 4 (2.5 – 8 TON)
  • Class 5 (7 – 15 TON)
  • Class 15 (15 – 25 TON)
  • Exploration Core Drill
  • Pneumatic
  • Rotary Heads